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Blonde Ambition: Utah State’s Kerwynn Williams Has One Wild Hairdo

Holy Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man-inspired hairstyle, Batman!

While Utah State’s bid for a monumental upset of No. 23 Auburn came up just short on Saturday after last year’s national champions scored two touchdowns in the final 2:07 in a heartbreaking 42-38 loss, Aggies wide receiver/running back Kerwynn Williams certainly attracted a lot of attention during the game. But it wasn’t for his 10 rushes for 69 yards and a touchdown, it was for the, um, shall we say unique hairdo, which is often, unfortunately, hidden by his helmet. I mean, get a look at that. Incredible.

The photo on its own does a disservice to the splendor that is Kerwynn Williams’ hair, so a video of the Utah State player talking Aggies football follows.

Wow. It’s…mesmerizing. I have no idea what the kid even said in that video. I was transfixed on his hair.

[image courtesy of @Andrew_Gribble (via SB Nation)]