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(Video) Football Color Analyst: Offensive Lineman Was ‘Beaten Like A Stepchild’

Oh man, that’s good stuff. Chuck Cecil, considered one of the hardest hitters in NFL history before he made the transition to coaching and now, broadcasting, made his debut as a color analyst during last night’s Villanova-Temple game on ESPN. Overall, by all accounts, he did well enough, but his comments regarding how an offensive lineman was bested on a particular play by a defensive player with the comparison to how a stepchild is typically beaten was an interesting choice. And Cecil wasn’t even talking about only red-headed stepchildren, who obviously have it coming, we’re talking about all stepchildren: blonde-haired, brown-haired, tall, short, smart, stupid, cute, ugly, you name it.

A word of warning to all you stepchildren out there: steer clear of Chuck Cecil. If he had his druthers, he would beat every-loving-last-single-one-of-you like you’ve never been beaten before, although the numerous beatings you have already received should at least dull the pain a bit of the sound thrashing you will get courtesy of Chuck Cecil’s stepchild-hating heart.

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