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(Photo) Behold, The Mammoth Citizens Bank Park Sand Sculpture

There are sandcastles and then there are crazy impressive sandcastles. The above sculpture, constructed out of sand and water, falls in the latter category. Constructed by Alex Nakahara with the help of his brother and dad, the sandcastle took about six hours to build, the sculpture was built on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Here’s what Nakahara, a second-year grad student at MIT, had to say to The700Level about his masterful piece of sand-based architecture:

“We usually make ancient cities (Roman, Greek, Egyptian) but we’ve also done the Titanic, the Jefferson Memorial, Minas Tirith (Lord of the Rings), the pyramids and Sphinx, and the Parthenon among other things,” he said.

“I wanted to get the stands to be recognizable, although some things can’t really be done in sand and I was working from memory,” Alex told us. “I also tried to get the major landmarks in: the scoreboard porch (the jumbotron proved too challenging), the batters eye in center field, the bullpens, and Chickie and Pete’s. I ran out of time to make Ashburn Alley completely, which was disappointing. Other than sand, we used some shells to do the base paths and some driftwood for the foul poles and scoreboard.”

Wow. And here I thought building sandcastles only involved a plastic bucket, a scoop and having sand kicked in your face by some smarmy beach toughs. Learn something new every day.

Amazing Citizens Bank Park Sandcastle [The700Level (with additional pics)]