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Company Realizes Having Alcoholic Boxer Promote Their Tequila Not The Best Idea

(slaps self on forehead) I coulda had a V8! With a splash of vodka, if you would be so kind. All this talk about booze is making me thirsty.

In an astute and savvy business move, Beam Global Spirits & Wine has decided to drop Oscar De La Hoya as brand ambassador for their line of tequila, Tres Generaciones, which according to my near fluent level of Spanish, means “Three Gernaciones.” The decision was arrived at in light of De La Hoya’s recent stint in rehab and his recent admission to being an alcoholic, among other, ahem, less-than-flattering admissions regarding previous indiscretions in his personal life.

The unintentionally hilarious statement from a rep for Beam Global Spirits & Wine, via the New York Post:

“We have severed all ties with Oscar because of his personal issues. We didn’t know he had these issues until we had announced the deal and money changed hands. Those issues became clear shortly after, and so the deal never really got off the ground. We advocate responsible drinking. I suppose we should ask for our money back.”

 I suppose you should ask for your money back, purveyor of tasty spirits. I suppose you should.

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