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Bosom Buddies: Brandon Belt Meets Giraffe Named After Him

Well, isn’t that the most adorable thing you ever did see? Courtesy of MLB Pro Blogs (via Big League Stew) comes this charming photo (along with additional pics) of San Francisco Giants rookie Brandon Belt (who was given the nickname “Baby Giraffe” by the Giants broadcasting crew) meeting Brandon Belt the Baby Giraffe.

It was reported earlier this week that staff at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, with Belt’s moniker in mind, decided to name the little guy after the ballplayer. So now there are two Brandon Belts in the world. I suppose there could be more Brandon Belts out there is this great big world of ours, but none come close to matching the bond these two now share. Friends for life, I am sure. I wonder what they talked about. Probably baseball and the natural beauty of African savannahs. Stuff like that.

Video of their encounter follows.

What a pair, those two.

A visit with Brandon the baby giraffe – Brandon Belt [MLB Pro Blog (via Big League Stew)]