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Meow: Jose Theodore’s New Goalie Mask Features A Busty Cat In A Bikini

Well, that’s certainly…interesting. New Florida Panthers netminder Jose Theodore put some of the money he received up front from the two-year, $3 million contract he signed with the team to good use by commissioning the creation of the new goalie mask pictured above. As you can see, Theodore’s new goalie equipment features a feline with some equipment of her own, if you catch my drift. If you do not, we can simply move on.

Photo of what’s on the other side of the mask follows.

Confused? I was as well, until I read this snippet which possibly explains the meaning behind the interesting artwork from On Frozen Pond (via Puck Daddy):

On one side of the mask is a feline wearing a bikini.

On the other side is another adult cat (the one that looks a little like Joe Camel) wearing sunglasses. Next to him is a surprised looking kitten.

I was told the three cats on the mask represent the Theodore clan: Jose, wife Stephanie and daughter Romy.

Aw, how cute. Most women are not afforded the glamor of being depicted as a vampy, busty sex kitten. Throw in the fact it’s on a goalie mask and we have ourselves quite the flattering tribute. Good for Stephanie.

Bikini Beach: Jose Theodore’s New Florida Panthers Mask [On Frozen Pond (via Puck Daddy)]