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LeBron James’ Son Has A Pretty Nifty Turtle Backpack


Now that, my friends, is one rocking backpack. The adorable photo, uploaded by King James himself, documents his young son Bryce heading off for his first day of school. And boy, he sure looks excited. Remember when you were a kid and were actually excited for the first day of school? You know, as opposed to once  high school rolled around and the coming of Labor Day filled you with a foreboding sense existential dread. Then again, maybe that was a feeling experienced only by me and my classmates who attended Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche High School. Man, we would get our tails beat so bad by Søren Kierkegaard High every homecoming. For nihilists, they sure could play football.

One final thought: I just hope little Bryce’s cool turtle backpack didn’t disappear during the 4th period.

What? Variations on that stupid, lazy joke grew tiresome the first 5,000 times you heard it? Huh. Good to know.

[via @KingJames]