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Yankees, Red Sox Fans, To Your Twitter Battle Stations: The Great Hashtag War Is Upon Us!

Friends, enemies, comrades, foes, Red Sox fans, Yankees fans: one day, many, many years from now, you will tell your grandchildren where you were when the Great Hashtag War of 2011 between Red Sox Nation and the Evil Empire erupted and how soldiers on both sides fought valiantly, bravely and with honor. Sadly, as is often the case, many courageous Twitter accounts were lost in the epic battle, but each Twitter user’s valor and commitment to the cause despite the grave risk which faced them lives on and echoes throughout the interwebs, solemnly reminding Red Sox fans and Yankees fans alike the high price that is paid in hashtag wars, not only in the lost tweets, but the considerable toll it takes upon your very soul. Your very soul.

And for people who are not fans of either team: we will remember this as the day when the rivalry between these two teams moved on into yet another arena to bug the ever-loving hell out of us. Seriously, this is just stupid, stupid, stupid.

[via @RedSox]