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(Video) Green Bay’s Lingerie Football League Team Does Version Of Lambeau Leap

LFL | Season 3 | Week 1 | The Story from LFL Films on Vimeo.

Of course they do. Of course they do.

It was a wet, hot and steamy evening (and yet the weather was remarkably mild) in Green Bay last Friday, my friends, when the Minnesota Valkyries invaded Wisconsin to take on Titletown, U.S.A.’s Lingerie Football League squad, the Chill. And as you can see in the above video, things were straight up out of control inside the turfed tundra of Resch Center. Doesn’t have quite the same ring as Lambeau Field, but the symbiotic relationship that exists between Green Bay’s football fans and their now two beloved football teams was on full display when two of the lovely lasses from the Chill, after scoring touchdowns, did their own versions of the Lambeau Leap, jumping into the stands to revel in the borderline creepy adulation exhibited by the fans.

The leaps occur about two minutes and three minutes into the video but watch it in its entirety: the highlights, the aforementioned rabid fans and the statements from the players are all chock-full of goodness. I especially enjoy the one gal who says she knows that people have her on their fantasy football team. Lingerie League fantasy football? If you find yourself among the subset of football fans who participate in a Lingerie League Fantasy Football League, well, there’s no turning back for you. You have crossed over into some pretty ridiculous territory. Oh, and Green Bay beat lost to Minnesota 28-25, just in case you had some big money riding on the game.

[H/T Off the Bench, video via Vimeo]