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Takin’ It To The Tweets: Titans RB Chris Johnson, Polytheist?

Despite Tennessee Titans running back’s contract situation remaining at an impasse (although word on the street is something could be in the offing that could possibly end his lengthy holdout), Chris Johnson is still thankful for all he has been blessed with in his fortuitous life. And he took to Twitter this morning to thank the powers above for waking him up to live happily for another day. What makes it odd is that Johnson thanks the “men” above, not the “man” above (as in the “big guy upstairs,” “the Good Lord up above,” etc.). Who knew Chris Johnson was into polytheism? Not me.

I wonder what polytheistic belief system Johnson adheres to: ancient Greek, Roman, possibly Nordic, Vedic, Celtic? Hard to say. Maybe he’s a practicing Hindi. Who knows? Further, it’s not any of our business either way. Live and let live, I say, and thank the deity (or deities, or neither) above for giving you another day to celebrate life. And then make helluva lot of money due to your incredible ability to play football, in Chris Johnson’s case.

[via @ChrisJohnson28]