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Jason Garrett Once Jumped Into A Restaurant Pool…With His Clothes On!!!

Goodness gracious! Wow, what a wild and crazy guy. To be honest, I just can’t see that sort of reckless behavior coming from the buttoned-down, ultra-serious head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. But apparently, it be true: former teammate Troy Aikman relayed the story of the debauchery which ensued after Garrett, Darryl Johnston and several Cowboys teammates participated in a charity golf tournament years back and decided to hit Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth and rage. Just let it all hang out in a demonstration of pure, unadulterated, devil-may-care raging, my friends. Buckle up, because here comes the backstory behind the insanity when Jason Garrett jumped into a pool…with his clothes on!!!!

Via The Dallas Morning News:

“I can see everyone doing it that was there except Jason,” Aikman, who admitted that he wasn’t at the restaurant, said during a PwC-SMU Athletic Forum at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. “Jason Garrett was doing that. So that’s the one blemish I have on him. I don’t think that will keep him from getting elected if he ran for office.”

Ha! Won’t keep him from getting elected if he ran for office. I don’t know, though, who knows what other kinds of madness hides behind the steely facade put forth by Garrett that he uses to obfuscate his hidden dark side which manifested in extreme, unruly behavior during his playing days? Partying at the infamous “White House” with Michael Irvin? Maybe. Scoping out the swinging senior lady scene with the rascally Jimmy Johnson? Perhaps. Skipping out on Remedial English classes with Emmitt Smith? Oh, you better believe it. The guy jumped into a freaking pool with his clothes on, for cripes sake. There is no telling what kind of heinous acts this man is capable of doing. I guess we should have expected stories like these to ultimately surface about a man who just recently compared defining physicality in football to defining pornography. The man is a depraved cretin.

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