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Honoring The 1991 World Series Champion Minnesota Twins, In Corn Maze Form

(Photo courtesy of Bert Bouwman, via Fox Sports North)

Hey look, more sports-themed corn mazes. Just a few weeks ago, it was the Stanley Cup champion goalie Tim Thomas corn maze which prompted my pals at Busted Coverage to seek out more sports-themed corn mazes. Now we have this one, located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota which honors the 20th anniversary of the 1991 World Series championship of the Minnesota Twins.

Constructed and maintained by Brazilian-born Bert Bouwman, the corn maze is the central attraction of the Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Maze and the above image depicts the second incarnation of a Twins-centric corn maze (to read about last year’s Twins maze and the incredible amount of work, both in manpower, time, not to mention the cost associated with the undertaking, read the Star Tribune article here).

The plan for the corn maze begins at Bouwman’s kitchen table in early spring, where he maps out the plan on graph paper for the 15.1 acre plot of land the maze sits on.  Via Fox Sports North:

“We thought about what a big deal that year was for Twins fans in this area and decided to try and incorporate something that celebrated that championship.” he said.

“We are a family of seven, so we wanted to come up with an idea that was cost-friendly for big families,” he said. “When you see all the smiling faces here in the fall and hear the laughter of the children it makes you feel quite proud of the work you do.

“Everyone chips in, but this takes months to perfect and many long hours in the summer of getting the corn down,” Bouwman said.

Once the design is in finished form after cutting, weeding, etc., the maze is cut through the design, which apparently can take up to one hour to successfully navigate. Impressive work. And no, I’m not going to use “a-maze-ing” to describe it, either. Or even a-maize-ing, for that matter. It’s been done and to be honest, would just come across as completely corny.

Tribute to 1991 Twins is simply a-maize-ing [Fox Sports North]