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Chris Johnson Twitter Meltdown Update: Calling Out ‘Fake Titan Fans’ Edition

Earlier today, we covered Chris Johnson’s Twitter ramblings regarding his forays into polytheism. Now we have this doozy. Yeah, this won’t end well. Not for anybody.

It appears the above tweet is in response to the flak Johnson was receiving due to the following message he relayed to his followers earlier today:

I like to thank everyone who have me in their prayers thru my situation, it’s much needed

Oh, man. Thanking people for having you in their prayers as you stay away from your job to extort millions upon millions of additional dollars from your employer? Ouch. While it is impossible to argue against the undeniable fact that Chris Johnson deserves far more compensation than he would make under his current contract and the fact that it hasn’t appeared that up to this point that either side has been willing to budge from their respective unreasonable positions, once again: thanking everyone for having you in their prayers? Bad idea tweets, dude. Bad Idea Tweets.

UPDATE: Man, it didn’t take long for Johnson’s public image to take a serious hit. Check out the file photo the Chicago Sun-Times used for their story regarding the running back’s Bad Idea Tweet:

Ouch. No bueno. [via]

[via @ChrisJohnson28]