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(Video) Why Yes, There Really Are Body-Painting, Mask-Wearing WNBA Superfans

Who woulda thunk it, right? To make the story even more interesting/confusing, these four lads happen to pledge their chest-painting allegiance to the 3-23 Tusla Shock. Hey, when you gotta support the team, you gotta support the team. Even if they stink. But brighter days might be ahead, as the Shock recently halted a 20-game losing streak by going on a two-game tear of winning. Awesome. And these guys are cheering them on.

The best part? One of the guys goes by the moniker “The Shocker.” Yikes.

Video follows.

The fearsome (and I use that term in the strictest way possible) foursome consists of Garrett Havilind (the aforementioned “The Shocker”), Chris Morris, Aaron Gill and Zebulun Benbrook. They make two hour commutes to attend Shock home games, and no, they are not insane. Okay, maybe a little bit. But you cannot question their love of the game of basketball.

From a KOTV-6 report (via Sports Grid):

“I love the game of basketball, whether it’s girls or guys,” said Morris, who spends $10 per game on paint for his chest. “I think we help to a point. They want to play to the crowd and if we can get them loud, the girls play a little bit better, I think.”

Morris spends an hour applying all of the paint. The guys howl different chants through the games and try their best to distract opposing players while they attempt free throws.

An entire hour to apply the paint? Impressive. Carry on, fellows, and let your freak flag fly. I know there is one man on this planet who is impressed by your dedication to WNBA basketball:

I will never, ever grow tired of that video, even if some bozos disabled the audio of the kicking jams this guy was rocking out to due to copyright infringement. It has to be at least the 10th time I have embedded it at the Sportress. Or better put, every time I have written a post about the WNBA. Yeah, the league doesn’t get a lot of play here. Apologies to all 500 of the league’s fans for that.

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