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(Video) Ovechkin’s Performance In Russian Rap Video Fails To Get Party Started

Ouch, Ovie. Your dance moves are whack, homey. Appearing relatively uninterested, here’s Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin failing to inspire the party-starting during a cameo appearance in a Russian rap video. I mean it’s pretty awkward. Perhaps it would help if I spoke Russian and could understand exactly what is going on in this video, but listen, I’m no card-carrying Communist, comrade.

The video is chock-full of confusing images: the young karate kid at the end. Russian carnies. Ovechkin trying to rap. Weird stuff.

But really, could Ovechkin’s performance convey his apparent disinterest any better? It’s like he’s secretly wishing he was instead participating in drunken revelry while partying down on a boat in Turkey. Or getting a root canal.

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