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(Video) Wow, Nick Mangold Becoming Quite The Accomplished Photobomber

New York Jets offensive lineman (and brother of Holly) Nick Mangold is seen here further cultivating his rapidly developing practice of photobombing sideline interviews of quarterback Mark Sanchez. I mean, he’s really taken to it with dedication and I must say, quite the amusing level of aplomb.

This screencap (via Deuce of Davenport) is from the Jets’ 17-3 win over the Giants on Monday night. Video, and evidence of Mangold’s previous foray into the wacky world of photobombing follows.

Via Sports Grid:

Impressive. And Mangold was just as impressive in his role of Sanchez interview photobomber earlier this preseason. To wit:

Ha. That’s good stuff. And slightly off-putting. He kind of looks like a long-haired mountain man you would prefer not to see waving whimsically as he approaches you and your broken-down car on some deserted back road. Yikes.

[H/T Sports Grid, Deuce of Davenport]