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This Colorful Golf Outfit Caused Man To Be Mistaken For A Clown, Arrested For DUI

Lookin’ good, man. Lookin’ good. Photographed above as he was about to be placed in the back of a squad car is 37-year-old James Straub of Stoneham, Massachusetts. The nattily-attired Straub was minding his business – okay, he was driving drunk in a golf cart down the side of the road in the western New York town of Batavia Sunday evening when authorities pulled him over at receiving reports that a person dressed as a clown was spotted driving a stolen golf cart. Of course, police responded, because even if it were not their duty to do so, I am sure they would have anyway. If you heard about a clown making a getaway in a stolen golf cart, wouldn’t you want to go check out that freaky scene?

Said freaky scene, as described by The Daily Mail:

He was in a pair of cropped white trousers, fuchsia and white chequered socks and white shoes. He also had pale pink polo shirt that set off the yellow, blue and pink pattern running down the legs of the trousers and a bright orange watch.

But he wasn’t dressed as a clown – he just wearing some colourful clothing after an outing at Terry Hills Golf Course.

But deputies say he was intoxicated.

Straub pleaded not guilty in town court to a misdemeanor count of driving while intoxicated and a lesser charge of refusing to take a breath test.

 Wow. Quite the getup. Fuchsia and white checked socks and white shoes with cropped white trousers? Thank goodness it wasn’t after Labor Day? That fashion faux pas would have caused this incident to turn into quite the humiliating experience for the guy, amirite?

Man arrested after reports of ‘drunk clown’ driving golf buggy turn out to be man dressed in flamboyant sportswear [The Daily Mail]