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Dwyane Wade’s New Photo Spread In Urban Magazine Is Certainly Interesting

There you go. Sorry, is it just me or are the outfits Dwyane Wade is wearing for his photo shoot for VMAN magazine a bit on the odd side? Now, I’m no fashionisto (?), but I do know what looks good, understated and classy and what comes across as way over the top and a little garish. For example, I have ceased wearing cargo shorts and Misfits t-shirts to important meetings, a stylistic move which has helped me triple my sales with my side business selling PartyLite candles. Now I wear some nice cotton slacks and Samhain t-shirts. Personally, I think it comes across as much more professional. But enough about me.

In all honesty, just because Wade’s outfits are not my style does not mean they are not stylish. I’m living here in flyover country and probably wouldn’t know a burgeoning fashion trend if it burgeoned me right in the face. But I have to take issue with the bottom right photo featuring Dwyane Wade wearing super short shorts and hauling timber or whatever those hunks of wood are supposed to be. All I know is I’m waiting for Simon of Cyrene to enter into the frame in a subsequent photo and help Wade lug those things.

[H/T The Post Game (via The Basketball Jones)]