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(Video) Yep, ESPN’s Coverage Of LLWS Included Gratuitous Crotch-Grabbing

And yes, as I am sure you reasonably expected, it was incredibly awkward scene, my friends. Yowsers.

While it is hard to ascribe blame to ESPN for catching the Huntington Beach, California Little League All-Stars’  pregame routine of mimicking Michael Jackson’s patented “spin-then-grab-the-junk” dance move on tape, you still nevertheless have to chuckle because, hey, it’s ESPN. Of course something like this would happen on their watch. It’s kismet.

But what I really want to know is: What if every member of the Huntington Beach, California Little League All Stars were a white Michael Vick? Now that’s provocative. The Worldwide Leader should probably get somebody on that. Pronto.

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