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(Video) Drunk Idiot Runs On Field During Baseball Game, No One Cares

This video is from a recent Long Island Ducks (of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball) game and it has its whimsical charms due to the complete apathy displayed by stadium security. Jeez, the guy leaps onto the field, makes a beeline to the infield, slides into second base, runs right past an umpire and exits the playing field before security even notices. Or cares.

That’s what you have to love about small time baseball. If this had happened in a major league park, you just know this schnockered cretin would have been promptly tackled and treated with extreme prejudice. Perhaps even tased. Or at least we would have hoped he had been. Tasering really takes the whole “Iniberated Idiot Running Out On The Field” to an entirely different stratosphere of gawking enjoyment.

[H/T Guyism]