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(Right Said Fred Reference) Here’s Cole Hamels, Strutting His Stuff On The Catwalk

Or, if Right Said Fred is not your cup of tea, I suppose you could opt to go with a Zoolander reference in the title instead of the obligatory “I’m Too Sexy” one. Either way. It’s up to you. Nevertheless, you have to admit that Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels looked certifiably fabulous during his foray into the fashion industry. Judging by the style and panache he brings to the catwalk, one could make a compelling argument that Hamels might have a future in the modeling business.

And lest we not forget Hamels’ catwalk cohort, Ryan Howard. Granted, Howard doesn’t quite have the “Arms Akimbo Move” down quite as well as his teammate, but he certainly is holding his own. Well done, guys. And ever better, it was all for charity, as part of the Victorino Foundation Fashion Show.

But you truly cannot appreciate just how good and how comfortable Hamels is strutting his stuff unless you see it in video form. That follows.

Wow. Color me impressed. Keep doing your little turn, your little turn, on the catwalk, Cole Hamels. Yeah, on the catwalk.

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

[H/T The700Level]
[image via @philadelphiaphillies]