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Photo Uploaded Of Arianny Celeste With Hashtag #friskyfriday, I’m Inclined To Agree

From Twitter user @MissAriannyFans:

The @AriannyCeleste pic of the day!!! It’s #friskyfriday!!

#friskyfriday, indeed. In fact, that hashtag hearkens me back to days of yore, when Kissing Suzy Kolber regularly celebrated Sexy Friday. As Archie and Edith Bunker once sang, “Those were the days.”

Note: as it was the case last week with this post, once again, I felt compelled to upload an Arianny Celeste photo simply due to the fact that one was uploaded elsewhere on the internet. You’re welcome, male readers. Consider it one of the many duties I perform for the benefit of others in my role as Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man.