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Whaaaa? ESPN The Mag Imagines What Michael Vick Would Look Like If He Were White

Wow. Just wow. The above image accompanies a story available online with a headline which asks the question I am sure has been on everybody’s mind: “What if Michael Vick were white?” The article will be reprinted in the upcoming ESPN The Magazine issue devoted solely to Michael Vick, an essay I am sure will not stir up any controversy, even without the above mind-blowing, absurd image. Nope. None at all.

The writer of the article, Touré, promptly took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the wholly inappropriate nature of the image in relation to his essay (via Deadspin):

I had no idea they’d put a pic of Vick in whiteface. Makes no sense w an essay saying it’s impossible to re-imagine him as white?

Have to agree. That is a sure-fire case of Bad Idea Whiteface. Let’s be pragmatic here as we try to wrap our brains around what is going on here as we attempt to understand the thought process through which this terrible idea was arrived at: there is no such thing as Good Idea Whiteface, so you have to wonder what the brain wizards at ESPN The Magazine could have possibly been thinking when they come up with this one. Wow.

UPDATE (via Deadspin): In record time, ESPN has replaced the above image in the online version of the story with a regular old photo of Michael Vick (UPDATE #2: The original image of a theorized white Michael Vick is back up). Sadly, for The Worldwide Leader In Sports, they can’t replace the image in the magazine. That’s the weird thing about magazines that have already been sent to press (courtesy of @JasonRomano, via Deadspin):


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