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(Video) Orioles 3B Robert Andino Doesn’t Need His Glove To Catch Foul Popups

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: gloves are overrated. Granted, when I say that I am usually referring to washing dishes in the kitchen sink (we use Palmolive in our household: “You’re soaking in it”), not when chasing down popups in foul territory and opting to go barehanded to make the catch instead of using the old, trusty mitt.

But that’s just what Baltimore Orioles infielder Robert Andino did last night at Target Field, shagging Justin Morneau’s high floater into foul territory and snagging it with his glove-less right hand during Baltimore’s 6-1 romp over the hapless Twinkies. A spectacular play, to be sure, but what I like most about it is Andino’s style, his flair for the dramatic, all the while flying in the face of convention and all that jazz. Good for you, Robert Andino. You are a true individual.