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(Video) Derek Jeter Gives Bat To Young Fan, Makes Adult Fan Crazy Jealous

This just in: Derek Jeter is a nice guy and sometimes, that friendly disposition causes him to give equipment rendered unusable to him to kids in the stands. To be honest, as a non-Jeterophile, I have no idea how many times this has occurred, but it did last night in the Bronx during the 7th inning of the New York Yankees-Oakland Athletics game. Jeter’s bat was cracked on a line out from a pitch from Brian Fuentes. As he made his way back to the dugout, Jeter slid the bat over the top of the dugout to a young fan, who appeared overjoyed at obtaining the game-used souvenir, even if it seemed he might have to share the prized possession with another kid sitting to his right, who by all appearances is his brother.

One person who was not happy about it? A grown man wearing a Robinson Cano jersey immediately to the young fan’s left. He was so unhappy with some wide-eyed youngster receiving the coveted bat and not him that he threw his arms up in exasperation before bringing them down in dejection in response to the unfairness of it all. Poor guy. So close, yet so far. Stupid kids. Who invited them to the ball park anyway?