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(Video) Guy Knocks Down Wine Bottles On Green With Approach Shots…Maybe

According to the fine folks over at Devil Ball Golf, the man making the almost-too-crazy-to-believe trick shots in the above video is Grant Dodd,  a “former pro golfer, current OneAsia Tour commentator, occasional blogger.” More importantly, he is a lover of wine and apparently, enjoys when the worlds of wine and golf intersect, especially when it involves accomplishing wacky trick shots where he knocks down wine bottles sitting on a nearby green while sipping on said wine with one of his chums.

Is it real? Another well-executed fake created to dupe us into believing this guy is some kind of trick shot maestro? Hard to say, but I hope none of the wine contained in those knocked-over bottles is being wasted. That would be a shame, would it not?

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]