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Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher Alex Cobb Had A Rib Removed, Keeps It In A Jar

Editor's note: not an actual photo of Alex Cobb's rib

Tampa Bay Rays right-handed pitcher Alex Cobb was feeling discomfort in his right hand and numbness in his right arm during his last start, an August 6th game against the Oakland Athletics. After being placed on the disabled list, Cobb flew to Dallas for an examination by Gregory Pearl, a renowned vascular surgeon who has treated other major league pitchers. Cobb was diagnosed with a clot in his right subclavian vein and would require surgery.

Unfortunately, Pearl couldn’t completely remove the clot without taking the surgery to the next level: removing one of Cobb’s ribs. So that is what the good doctor did. But Cobb wasn’t about to part with the extracted piece of his skeletal anatomy, so he kept it and now has his rib in a jar and is treating it as some kind of macabre souvenir. How very…Ed Gein-like.

Via Tampa Bay Online:

“I’ve got the rib at my house,” Cobb said. “My dad asked me to keep it. It’s in a jar. It looks like a rib. It looks like you went to Chili’s and got a little baby rib and put it in a jar of liquid.”

Ha. Gross.

Cobb was told by Dr. Pearl that another pitcher who had a similar procedure now keeps his rib in a jar in his locker in the clubhouse as a twisted take on a good luck charm. Rays manager Joe Maddon said he’s “OK with that,” but if it’s all the same to Cobb he doesn’t “need to see it.”

You know, I was thinking (which is never a good thing): imagine if one of the pitcher’s teammates came upon his rib in a jar and happened to be not aware of the surgical procedure. What if he believed it to be a baby back rib or something sitting in a brine? Following that line of logic, can you imagine if that teammate took the rib out of the liquid and cooked it up on a portable grill and ate it? Gross! Talk about a mess of epic proportions stemming from a horrible misunderstanding. It would be like a typical Three’s Company episode. Only with cannibalism.

But let’s just say – and hopefully it never happens, obviously – that a teammate did accidentally eat the pitcher’s rib. The horror of it all aside, do you know what would go nice with it? A Cobb salad, of course.

Rays notes: Surgically removed rib bottled by Cobb [Tampa Bay Online]