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Is Hope Solo Set To Appear On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Question Mark?

Hope Solo, everybody’s favorite attractive goalie for U.S. women’s soccer (deal with it, Briana Scurry: you’re through), made an appearance on Dan Patrick’s radio program today and the topic of the possibility of her making an appearance on next season’s Dancing with the Stars came up. Here is the exchange between Patrick and Solo when the radio show host told her that his inside sources have told him she will be on the show (via Sporting News):

“Oh boy, are those sources correct? You will not know until next week when they make their announcement,” Solo replied.

“So you’re not denying it?” Patrick asked.

“I’m not admitting it, either,” Solo said.

How very, very coy, Miss Solo. She’s like a riddle wrapped around an enigma. An enigma wearing goalie gloves and shin guards. Or some such nonsense. In the end, it would be hardly surprising if Solo turned out to be one of the contestants. The trajectory of her celebrity is at its apex right now and you might as well strike while the iron is hot. DWTS‘s season will be in full swing, just in time for her rumored nude pictorial (according to her cryptic tweets on the topic, along with this photo of her frolicking in a fountain wearing only a bathrobe that accompanied the latter tweet) to presumably appear in ESPN The Magazine’s The Body Issue hits the shelves on October 17th. The gal’s got a master plan. Give her credit for that.

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