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(Video) Who Cares If They’re Down 20-0? This Aruban LLWS Player Wants To Dance!

For some time now, it’s been quite easy to develop into something of a cynic as a sports fan, and it gets progressively more difficult to avoid that sorry condition with each passing day: fan beatings, corrupt college programs, greed, league lockouts, the list goes on and on. And on. But then a story like this comes along which is so refreshing, so inspirational, it helps us remember why we love sports so much. Even more so, it is a reminder of why many of us began playing sports as wee lads and wee lasses in the first place.

The Aruban baseball team did not fare well in the Little League World Series, not that the squad from the tiny Caribbean island were expected to in the first place. As the team was getting spanked by Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) on Saturday afternoon, reaching the absurd score of 20-0 by the time Chinese-Taipei was at-bat in the top of the fourth. Most players for Aruba were unable to hold in their disappointment any longer and began crying, as they knew another loss would lead to elimination.

Eleven-year-old Vaughn Bergen was among the crushed players from Aruba. As he was about to step to the plate, still crying, his father said to him: “You’re coming up [to bat] here. Do you want to do it crying or do you want to do it happily?” This appeared to shake Vaughn out of his devastated doldrums, and from that point on, he recognized that even though the chips were down, it does not mean you cannot have some fun.

And that’s just what Vaughn Bergen did. As Asia-Pacific scored four runs in the top of the 4th to take the aforementioned 20-0 lead, cameras caught Vaughn doing his best to enjoy the moment…by dancing in the outfield.

Video follows:

Via ThePostGame:

Vaughn calls his spin move — the one where he puts his right leg behind his left knee, dips to the ground and twirls — “The SpongeBob.”

“[My teammates] told me I was crazy,” Vaughn told on Monday. “I was dancing in the dugout, too.

The dancing appeared to inspire his teammates, as they scored three runs in the bottom of the fourth. And while they still lost 20-3, they can thank young Vaughn Bergen for showing them that even in losing, you can still make the best of a dire situation.

Asked why he he broke into an impromptu jig in the outfield, Vaughn said:

“My dad told me to enjoy myself, and I did.”

Good for him. And good for us. Thanks, Vaughn Bergen, for reminding us that no matter how bad things seem, we need to remember to take time to enjoy ourselves a little bit, too.

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