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(Video) Ron Gardenhire, Tom Kelly Sport Mullets In Minnesota Twins Commercial

This commercial has been playing on-air during game broadcasts for a few months here in “Twins Territory” and I have looked for it on more than one occasion, but today is the first occasion I have come across an embeddable version of it, so here it is: the Minnesota Twins and the Folklore in the Follicles.

The clever ad from the Twins’ marketing department (who have had their fair share of classic commercials over the years), touts the power of Joe Mauer’s sideburns, the awe-inspiring presence that was Carl’s Pavanostache and the wonder of Denard Span’s “perfect beard” and how each player’s dedication to grooming has translated into on-the-field success.

But the genius of the ad is when current manager Ron Gardenhire and former manager Tom Kelly appear in succession, each one sporting magnificent mullets in the hopes that the new hairdos will help the Twins be successful. That has not been the case this season, but it doesn’t take away from the comical absurdity of it all.

Gardenhire: Whatever it takes to win. Right, TK?”
Kelly: “You got that right, Gardy.”

Brilliant. The sight of these two managerial curmudgeons having a little fun should surely be a hoot to anyone who is familiar with their typically low-key approaches to the game of baseball.

Seriously, Tom Kelly? With a mullet? Gold.