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(Video) Rangers Fan Supports His Squad By Knocking Off Girlfriend’s Red Sox Cap

I would put this possibly inebriated (or how do I put this delicately: slow-witted, perhaps? Low-bred, maybe?) fan’s actions during last night’s game between the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox in the realm of “When Gotta Support The Team Goes Wrong: Bad Idea Jeans Edition.” How else can you explain why Gary, a “big-time Rangers fan,” while he is being interviewed by Fox Sports Southwest’s roaming reporter in the stands at the Ballpark in Arlington, elects to show his team pride (along with his obviously hastily-scrawled “I’m With Them” sign) by knocking off his girlfriend Ashley’s Red Sox cap?

And Ashley is an attractive gal at that. Far be it for me to criticize, but by all appearances, the lovely lady appears to be somewhat out of this guy’s league. Maybe simply be grateful for how the Relationship Gods have blessed you, Bloviating Die-Hard Rangers Fan Guy. Your better half appeared none too pleased with your shenanigans. Next time, profess your support for the Rangers without the unnecessary display of hostility towards your gal’s favorite squad by way of knocking her cap off. Girls don’t like that.

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