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(Video) Here’s LeBron James Taking Three Minutes To Jump Off A High Dive Into A Pool

Ha. And the hits keep on coming for LeBron James. It’s almost like the guy can do no right. The poor guy can’t even hang out in Barcelona, Spain without doing something that results in him once again getting mocked and ridiculed. Of course, requiring three minutes to summon up the courage to jump into a pool off a high dive is pretty comical. Who knew LeBron James suffered from a paralyzing case of acrophobia?

The fact that some Spanish guy with a microphone (and all the bystanders) is imploring him to jump almost the entire time James alternates between sheepishly walking away from the edge and peering uncomfortably down into the pool doesn’t help matters. Nope, not at all. Although I should be the last person to make fun of someone for being afraid of heights. Crap, I can’t even step up onto the fourth rung of a stepladder, for crying out loud. At the same time, I am not a world class athlete who felt the need to exhibit masculine bravado (or machismo, since LeBron is in Spain) at inopportune times on countless occasions. Make that false masculine bravado, or machismo falso, for the Spanish folks who witnessed this display firsthand.

Be that as it may, one thing is for certain: LeBron is no Thornton Mellon. I wouldn’t expect any Triple Lindy attempts from him anytime soon.

[H/T I am a GM (via The Basketball Jones)]