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New Ovechkin Ads Show How He Will ‘Get Your Pigskin’, Use Candy Bar Nunchucks

As the man says himself, to be a big deal like Alexander Ovechkin, you have to make the impossible possible. You also have to make the statement with a hard Russian accent and then smile awkwardly after making said proclamation.

What would we NHL fans do during the offseason if it weren’t for Ovie? The guy is the ultimate fodder for the summertime doldrums. The guy is a friggin’ unstoppable force as it relates to off-the-ice entertainment. To be perfectly frank, it is becoming a burdensome task to cite all the occasions Ovechkin has amused us with his shenanigans, offbeat commercials, and so on.

Recently, it was reported that Ovechkin was named as pitchman for Big Deal candy bars, a Canadian-based confection (and the fact that he appears to have put on a bit of weight this offseason lends an additional level of whimsy to the story). As part of his endorsement of the tasty treat, there are now two new commercials making the rounds which feature Ovehckin at his most Oveckin-y. The first one above depicts Ovie helping two lads retrieve their football from the roof by utilizing his ability to carve teleportation portals out of thin air (who knew he was capable of such things?). Naturally, he tells the boys to go long, throws the ball and teleports back down off the roof in time to catch his own pass. Fantastic.

The second installment of the new Big Deal promotions features Ovie swinging candy bar nunchuks. Yep.

Awesome. Even better, visit Mr. Big’s Facebook page to “Win Big Deal trip and live large with me!” “Me” meaning Ovechkin, of course. Not “me” me.

See, if you win, you will get to stand around, while invisisble and watch Ovie play video games. Apparently. Sounds like fun. No word on whether Ovechkin will open any portals for you.

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