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Crappy Band Suing New Jersey Devils For Playing Their Crappy Song In Pregame Video

Some crappy band you have never heard of has initiated a lawsuit against the New Jersey Devils for using its song in a pregame video played in on the screens in the Prudential Center to pump up the fans.

Okay, to be fair to the crappy band in question, maybe some of you out there in Internetland have heard of them: Black Water Rising. Ring a bell? Not me, but given my status as a close-minded musical dinosaur who has settled defiantly into my own comfort zone consisting of musical tastes and acts I have enjoyed over the years and does not take the time to learn anything about new bands and whatnot, I am probably not the best judge of which bands are popular and which bands are not. Now get off my lawn, you disrespecting whippersnappers.

Moving on, Black Water Rising is suing the Devils for $10 million for what they believe is unscrupulous use of their song, “Rise.” They argue they are not being adequately compensated for it being played before games. Unfortunately for the rockers, there is one problem with their legal argument as to why the Devils should line their pockets with more money than they would likely ever earn on the damn song in the first place: Vincent Candilora, a representative of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), told the site SB Nation that the NHL has something called a “blanket, or umbrella license” which grants the league the right to use the crappy song in all its arenas. Yeah.

It’s a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, and I’m no lawyer, nor am I the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the gist of Candilora’s opinion appears to be that the Devils, as a member of the NHL, have the right to use the bands crappy song any way they see fit, and that Black Water Rising’s legal argument doesn’t hold water, no pun intended. Okay, it was intended.

With that in mind, if I were the Devils, I would still remove the song from the video and instead have it played in the arena’s restrooms whenever someone flushes a toilet. Seems fitting to me, as anyone who has used the facilities in a typical pro arena can attest, there is always the risk of some “black water rising,” if you know what I mean. Also, did I mention I think they’re a crappy band? Get it?

And no, I am not going to embed Black Water Rising’s song here. I don’t want to get sued by them.

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