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Wake N’ Blog: Judge Not Punished For Giving Women Condom-Filled Acorns (Wait, What?)

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• Pennsylvania’s Court of Judicial Discipline has dismissed the case against Magisterial District Judge Isaac Stoltzfus, meaning he will not face any discipline related to an incident last September when Stolzfus gave hollowed-out acorns filled with unwrapped condoms to two women outside the capitol. The ruling stated that the judge’s actions “certainly lacks good judgment and must not be repeated” and that his “preoccupation with acorns is mystifying.” Indeed. But perhaps even more mystifying is the final passage in the AP story, which was presented without commentary: “Stoltzfus is a judge in the town of Intercourse but was attending a seminar in Harrisburg.” Town of Intercourse? Wait, what? I gotta call my travel agent and book a trip. [msnbc]

• Rival crew chief pulls hair of driver, sets back masculinity 1,000 years. [Larry Brown Sports]

• At long last, the NCAA intends to repeal the “cream cheese rule.” [Off the Bench]

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