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Cubs To Change Culture Of Losing By Giving Prospects Book About Culture Of Losing

Huh? The perennially disappointing Chicago Cubs organization is seeking out new and inventive ways to attempt to change the culture that has become a troubling trademark of the franchise for decades upon decades, generation after generation. Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, after learning that prospects and new players to the organization know little to nothing about the rich tradition of the team from its glory days way back when has come up with an idea to help the new faces to the team receive a thorough education through which they will learn that the Cubs were once (albeit a long, long, long time ago) a respected and successful franchise. Yep, each prospect will receive a book recounting the team’s long and storied history.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

“I see a lot of things we can do to reinforce the consistency of a Cubs’ message, from Day One until they get to Wrigley Field,” Ricketts said. “One of the things we did this year was to create a little book on Cubs history because we realize most of the young men we drafted don’t know anything about the Cubs except they hadn’t won the World Series in a while.

“We wanted to reinforce the pride and the tradition and the respect they should have, and how fortunate they should be to be in the Cubs organization.”

Yes, fortunate. Although which book exactly was chosen as required reading material was not mentioned in the article, I can probably summarize it thusly: no World Series titles since 1907, no National League pennants since 1945 and lots and lots of losing since then. Throw in a billy goat curse, a black cat and bespectacled buffoon who ruined it all and you got one helluva read. Crap, replace one bespectacled character (Steve Bartman) with another and given the goat, black cats and all the talk of curses, and you’ve practically got yourself a bestselling Harry Potter book.

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