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(Video) Gal Accidentally Flashes Panties During Appearance On Braves’ ‘Shake Cam’

This is the second time I have gone to the Sports Grid well today, but what can I say? It’s been a slow news day. Wow, that was almost poetic.

Anyhoo, this poor gal shook her stuff and by doing so, got her wish and ended up on the “Shake Cam” at Turner Field when the Atlanta Braves faced the San Francisco Giants. The problem was she was wearing a dress with a shorter hemline, so when she jumped up and down in joy, or shook, as it were, she gave everyone in attendance (and now, the interwebs) an eyeful of her pink panties in all their glory. Excellent. And good for her. The devil-may-care attitude she brought to the ballpark sure is refreshing.

I only wonder if those were the panties her mother laid out for her. Maybe.

[H/T Sports Grid]