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(Photo) I Have No Idea What This Beer Vendor Is Doing, But It Sure Is Amusing

Photo Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Do you see him? In the upper left quadrant of the photo wearing a yellow shirt? What is he doing? This photo was taken during the Arizona Diamondbacks-Philadelphia Phillies game on Wednesday night and it is once again a shining example of the unfortunate outcomes that can occur when a moment is frozen in time. Just ask the guy in the Temple t-shirt. It looks like he’s been bitten by the Awkward Photo Bug as well.

An enhanced, close-up photo of Wacky Beer Vendor Guy follows below:

Ha. That’s even funnier. But what exactly is he up to? What did the photo capture him doing? My best guess is Wacky Beer Vendor Guy was in the middle of an impromptu performance of the Pac-Man Cereal Dance:

It’s possible. Because he can do it, he can do the “Pac-Man.” Temple T-Shirt Guy? I have no clue what the hell he was up to, but it’s kind of creepy.

[H/T The700Level]