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Fail: Ad For Resort In Larry Bird’s Hometown Misspells Favorite Son’s Name

Ouch. One would expect when a town is known for three things: 1) Having a name loaded with sexual innuendo; 2) Being the locale of the bottling facility for Pluto Water, the nation’s best-selling laxative of the first half of the 20th century; and 3) Being the hometown of one Larry Bird, you would think that incorrectly spelling the great basketball player’s name “Byrd” would have been caught by at least one person during the editing process. It’s Larry freaking Bird, people!

I dunno. Maybe the resort made an egregious error and hired an advertising and marketing firm based out of Hanover, Indiana. Now there’s a doofus town if there ever was one.

[photo credit @TheZRoberts via @darrenrovell]