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(Video) Getting Slappy: Betty White Will Not Be Party To Shaq’s Clumsy Come-Ons

It’s funny because Betty White is old and in response to Shaquille O’Neal’s proposal of marriage, she promptly slaps him and says that he is too old for her, which is weird because conventional wisdom would say that Betty White is too old for Shaq. Ha. Too bad Rue McClahahan passed away last year. If she was anything like Blanche Devereaux, the character she portrayed in The Golden Girls, she so would have let Shaq hit it, even without the promise of marriage. That hussy.

That Shaquille O’Neal: always trying to start stuff with the geriatric crowd. He might think he is in their good graces, but simply referring to himself as the Big AARP does not necessarily mean those who are true members of the AARP are going to allow him easy access into their club.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]