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Sporting KC Goalie Injured After Thrown Bobblehead Drills Him In The Face

The worst part of the story? Well, other than the gash opened up on his face, I suppose: this was a home game for goaltender Jimmy Nielsen and his Sporting KC teammates. That ain’t right, nor would it have been right had it been an away game, but this is the last thing one would expect to happen in one’s own stadium.

Sporting KC had just scored in the 26th minute to take a 1-0 lead over the Portland Timbers on Wednesday night Livestrong Sporting Park. As Nielsen walked over beside the goal for a drink of water, he was struck in the face with the head of a bobblehead of Omar Bravo, one of his teammates. Nielsen quickly crumpled to the ground and required medical attention.

Via The Kansas City Star:

“I did not see it coming,” Nielsen said. “First I thought I walked into the post, then I realized I was a long way from the post.

“I had a crazy headache. I was like ‘Oh my God, I need to lie down for a second. Then I saw I was bleeding and was just waiting for them to come and fix it so I could play again.”

A video report from a Kansas City television station regarding the ugly incident follows.

Via KCTV-5 (video loads incredibly slow):

Ouch. After receiving treatment, Nielsen elected to stay in the game, which Sporting KC won 3-1. Shortly after Nielsen returned to his feet, several people in the section directly behind the goal were escorted out of the stands after officials used security tape footage to identify the perpetrators.

“Two people from the same group in the third row both allegedly threw the head of bobbleheads, one of which struck Nielsen,” said Sporting KC vice president of communications Rob Thomson. “Both were apprehended.”

It is unclear at this time whether or not the two who were apprehended were deliberately trying to hit Nielsen with the head of the bobblehead, and it is being reported that they are supposedly Sporting KC fans. Given that, one stands to reason that it was unintentional and much more likely that this simply was a case of drunken (or possibly completely sober) debauchery gone wrong. Either way, what a couple of idiots.

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