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Painting ‘Tiger Making The Hole’ Is Everything One Expects From Classy Artwork

Excellent composition. Dramatic use of color and textures. The depiction of a high-heeled hoochie mama in a suggestive pose as one of the primary subjects of the piece. Yep, in my book that’s some mighty classy artwork.

Finally, a master craftsman of paints and brushes has created a piece of fine art which any avid golfing fan would be proud to display in their rec room: “Tiger Making The Hole.” As you can see, the lithograph, created by European artist Tos Kostermans, features Tiger Woods lining up a putt with something of a distraction in his line of sight: a sultry harlot in high heels straddling the pin like it is a stripper pole, an allusion which is further reinforced by the dollar bill firmly attached to the top of the flag. Even though it’s only a tap-in, I have to say sinking that putt would require some amazing focus.

I guess what I like about the piece the most is its subtlety in how it attempts to illustrate symbolically the self-made distractions Tiger created for himself with his rampant whoremongering which greatly interfered in his quest for golfing immortality. Also, the chick is pretty hot. She kind of looks like Elin. I wonder if that was a conscious choice by the artist. Or maybe he is just a fan of vampy blondes, too.

A very deep and provocative piece, to be sure. And with the price for a print of “Tiger Making The Hole” ranging from 650 to 1250 euros (depending on the size), you know you are getting some high quality artwork. Oh, Tiger will be making the hole, alright. One way or the other.

[H/T Devil Ball Golf]