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Joey Harrington Says Playing For The Lions Prepared Him For Getting Hit By SUV

It certainly looks like getting plowed into by an SUV while riding his bike earlier this month has not put a damper on Joey Harrington’s dry wit. The former NFL quarterback, who had stints with the Dolphins and Falcons but spent the bulk of his career as the signal caller for the Detroit Lions after the team drafted him number three overall in the 2002 draft, was in the hospital being treated for multiple injuries, including a broken collarbone and a punctured lung, when he busted off this snappy one-liner (from The Detroit News, via

“I was laying in the ER. I’m in the neck brace on the board and just sayin, ‘Get me out of here,'” Harrington said. “I kinda whispered to one of the trauma docs, ‘I played four years in Detroit. I can handle a car. Let’s get this thing moving.'”

Zing! While clever, looking at Harrington’s stats from his time in Detroit, he might be onto something. In four seasons, Harrington was sacked a whopping 77 times, including an unbelievable 36 during the Lions’ 2004 campaign. An SUV ain’t got crap on that kind of punishment he was subjected to during those years.

In the end, Harrington was released from the hospital after a few days of recovery in the intensive care unit and appears to be on the way to a fully recovery. My guess is he’ll be tickling the ivories on his piano in no time at all.

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