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Colin Cowherd: Jesus Didn’t Care About Material Things Like Watches And Yacht Trips

Allow me to be brief as I introduce the below quote from the man not affectionately known as Schrutebag.

Colin Cowherd: still an incredible, insufferable idiot.

When discussing the damning Yahoo! Sports report on the University of Miami, Cowherd got up on his self-righteous high horse to condemn the athletes named in said report and how it is understandable that they accept impermissible benefits (via Sports Grid):

One of the things yesterday, during that whole Miami football scandal, you know, one of the lamest excuses people use all the time is these Miami players are poor and so they took payouts. That’s a lame excuse for lacking ethics. Being poor, rich and poor in morality are separate issues, ok? The man, Jesus, was a pauper, ok? He didn’t care about material things and watches and yacht trips. And you’re poor. Nobody is — nobody lacks ethics because they’re poor. There are millions of Americans who are categorized financially as poor who have ethics and don’t take things that belong to them. The truth is, though, people don’t like to admit their faults. Very few people will own their own baggage. That’s why therapy is good for all of us. So people make excuses for doing things. I’m poor so i took $30,000 from a booster. No, you lack ethics, and you just happened to be poor. But a lot of poor people don’t take money that’s not their money.

Wait. What? While the entire rant is about as stupid as stupid can get – and believe me, Cowherd knows stupid – I had no idea some of the Last Temptations of Christ were offerings of watches and yacht trips. Heck, I didn’t even know watches and yacht trips even existed back then. Thanks for the heads up on that one, Cowherd, you miserable, sanctimonious piece of crap.

Note: Sports Grid has the full audio of Cowherd’s diatribe, but I chose not to embed it, because I didn’t have the heart to subject you to that annoying voice. The sound of it is the audio equivalent of pain inflicted by those Ceti eels from Wrath of Khan.

Colin Cowherd Thinks College Athletes Should Be More Like Jesus [Sports Grid]