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(Video) Watch One Of Frank Oz’s Puppet Creations Hold Court At A Penn State Practice

Amazing. If only Jim Henson was still alive to see just how far the beloved puppets he and Frank Oz worked so hard to perfect have come. Now they are holding press conferences from golf carts during football practices of college football teams. Truly remarkable. And the one you see in the above video had to be Frank and Jim’s pride and joy. You might recall the first time you saw this amazing puppet was during your youth when it scared the bejeezus out of you when watching The Dark Crystal. It’s unbelievable the puppet we all remember as UrZah the Ritual-Guardian has held up so well after all these years.

What’s that? You’re kidding, right? That’s Joe Paterno? Wow. Somebody needs to tell that guy his time has come and maybe it would be a good idea to hang it up and give up coaching. Maybe he could take up puppeteering as a hobby.

Video: Joe Paterno speaks at Penn State media day []