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Hey, Unemployed Layabouts: You Can Watch Erin Andrews Co-Host ‘Regis & Kelly’ Today (UPDATE)

Straight from the Sideline Princess’ mouth (or fingertips, unless she types with her tongue or something) last night was the tweeted proclamation that Erin Andrews is in fact on her way to NYC and is quite excited to be standing in for Kelly Ripa as she co-hosts LIVE! with Regis & Kelly this morning. It looks like she’ll be talking footbaw with Regis or whatever that Gelman guy tells her to discuss, so be sure to tune in, kiddos.

Geez, that Miss Andrews. She keeps on moving up that ABC Family talent ladder (Disney-ABC Domestic Television is the show’s distributor) .

I have to wonder where Kelly is today. While I cannot speculate as to her whereabouts, I can assure you of what she is doing: not eating. Somebody give that gal a cheeseburger. And quickly. I have seen less angular bones on a skeleton hanging in some laboratory.

UPDATE: Thanks to the always-on-the-ball Sports Grid, here’s five minutes of Erin Andrews playing with puppies from today’s show.

That video is so sweet I think I just contracted diabetes.

[via @ErinAndrews]