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(Video) Rex Ryan’s Intensity Knows No Bounds, Even During The Preseason

Ah, Rex Ryan, your anger amuses me. After all, this was a meaningless preseason game. No need to get all up in arms because the referees did not notice you gesticulating wildly while trying to get their attention so you could call a time out after you noticed that your beloved Jets defense had too many men on the field. You became so irate at the referees not paying attention to your barely-controlled rage that you ultimately slammed your headset down to the turf with such considerable force it would be a surprise if they still worked after you picked them back up after you stormed across the field while dragging them.

Tsk -tsk-tsk, Rex Ryan. Such a demonstrative display of violence against an inanimate object. What did that headset ever do to you to require such poor treatment? The fact that the Jets defense has difficulty counting to 11 wasn’t the headset’s fault. But at the same time, thank you Rex Ryan, for being you. In all your over-the-top, unneeded displays of intensity glory.

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