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Tiger Woods Didn’t Play Real Golf Last Weekend, So He Played Video Games Instead

Tiger Woods: he’s just like us! He also plays video games when he’s bored and has nothing better to do. Only when he does it, he has a bunch of dudes from EA Sports standing around him watching while doing so. Oh, and the game he plays is named after him. Other than that, he and us are like geeky peas in a huge nerdy pod.

Tiger uploaded this photo via Twitter early Tuesday evening, adding, “Since I didn’t get to work this weekend, I worked a few hours with EA Sports today.” To be honest, I admire his sense of humor regarding his terrible play during the PGA Championship on Thursday and Friday. Further, I have to argue that playing video game golf – or working on them, as it were – is a far better outlet for Tiger to properly vent his frustrations over how the his golf game is in complete shambles. You know, as opposed to the rampant and indiscriminate whoremongering that he surely would rather be doing instead of hanging out with a bunch of video game dweebs. But then again, can you really blame him? What else does the guy have to do?

[image via @TigerWoods]