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(Video) Wussiest, Weakest, Most Embarrassing Hockey Fight Ever

Holy crap, did I just see open-handed slaps during what can barely be referred to as a hockey fight? These two “combatants” from the Russian KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) set back the glorious world of hockey brawls so far it might never recover.

Since I know jack squat about the KHL, I’ll allow the Greg Wyshysnski of Puck Daddy paint the vulgar picture:

According to Slava Malamud of Sports-Express, fighting in the white sweater and wearing his visor is Dmitry Ryabykin from Avangard Omsk, a 35-year-old defenseman from Moscow who was drafted by the Calgary Flames No. 45 overall in 1994 and never played a game in the NHL. (Taken six spots behind him? Patrik Elias, still playing with the New Jersey Devils.)

Fighting in the blue sweater is Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk forward Evgeny Lapenkov, 27, who has split time between Spartak Moscow and Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk (what a word score in Scrabble this team is) for the last three seasons.

┬áNeftekhimik Nizhnekamsk? Now that’s a name. Too bad Evgeny Lapenkov took a ginormous dump on the integrity of their franchise with that despicable display of pugilism. For shame, Engeny Lapenkov. And you too, Dmitry Ryabykin. You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Derek Boogaard is spinning in his grave as we speak. Sad.

[H/T Puck Daddy]