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Of Course Some Broncos Fan Personalized His Tebow Jersey With The Name ‘Jesus’

I know, a total surprise a Denver Broncos fan (and a fervent Tim Tebow backer, I’m sure) would go in this direction with their customized jersey. And if you ask me, maybe a bit sacrilegious. But hey, I’m no theologian, so what does my opinion matter? Further, any way you slice it, having the ability to emblazon your Tim Tebow jersey with the Lord and Savior’s name surely is a blessed event. Really, truly a blessing. In a way, at least to Tebow supporters, Jesus Christ and Tim Tebow are practically the same person. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

My only question: can Jesus competently throw a decent 15-yard out route? Because if he can, Tebow might want to hit him up for some tips.

[image courtesy of @CSLennon (via Sports Pickle)]